Enable Me to attend ‘Disability Confident’

We are delighted to announce that Enable Me will be attending and supporting ‘Disability Confident’ – an event designed specifically to tackle attitudes of UK businesses towards people with disabilities. The event is to be held at the Portsmouth Football Club, on 9th September 2016.

Disability Confident is an event that has been developed to enable employers to find out more about hiring people with disabilities, giving a voice to inclusive employers and local disability support organisations. The event will offer the opportunity for businesses of all types to learn more about the financial, operational and social benefits of being a Disability Confident Employer.

Enable Me will join local employers, role models and employees, and will occupy a stand at the event, where we will demonstrate what must be done to allow people with a disability to make a major contribution to local business success.

Chris Jay, Enable Me’s Executive Chairman says, “This is a great opportunity for us to showcase the benefits of our Workplace Disability Awareness Programme, allowing businesses to have a firmer understanding of what is actually required to be a fully inclusive employer. Through our interactive modules we are able to show businesses how to deal with issues such as correct use of language, etiquette, communication, legislation, and the creation of inclusive business environments. We look forward to telling businesses more about this on the day.”

If you would like to find out more about attending the event, email organiser, Flick Drummond MP: flick.drummond.mp@parliament.uk

We hope to see you there … Disabibility confident event in 2016

New Trustees Required

Enable_Me_CMYKWest Sussex based charity Enable Me are seeking to recruit new trustees to join our Board of Directors. Can you spare 4-6 hours per month to help our small but expanding charity develop its work delivering disability awareness to schools, employers and the voluntary sector?

We are particularly interested in hearing from people with the following backgrounds:  disabled young people, parent-carers, teachers, accountancy/finance, social workers, police.

For an informal conversation about the role please call our Chairman, Chris Jay, on 07713349388 or email him at chris@enablemeproject.org.uk


Enable Me launches new workplace disability awareness programme

Enable Me is delighted to announce that we have officially launched our new training programme that will help businesses to improve staff awareness of disability in the workplace.

The programme, delivered by Enable Me’s trainers, provides interactive modules that allow workplaces to have a firmer understanding of all areas of disability, covering issues such as correct use of language, etiquette, communication, legislation and the creation of inclusive business environments.

The content of the programme aims to challenge attitudes towards disability whilst helping businesses to promote a culture of inclusion. It also promotes a greater understanding of how to adapt your business environment, making it more accessible to people with disabilities.

Chris Jay, our Executive Chairman explains, “As well as promoting disability awareness, this programme has been developed to empower organisations with the knowledge that providing an inclusive workplace can benefit business. Currently 11 million people in the UK have a disability- yet many businesses are entirely unaware of this and may therefore be excluding disabled people and missing out on the opportunity of employing talented staff members. We are aiming to help these organisations to reap the benefits of being more inclusive, whilst also providing existing workforces with a stronger understanding of disability.”

As a charity, Enable Me is unique in that all of our services are designed and delivered solely by those who have a disability themselves.

“Our workforce is made up entirely of staff with disabilities,” says Chris, “and this allows us to be able to cover topics -such as language, legislation and inclusion- meaningfully and with great knowledge and experience on each matter.”

Research from Scope has revealed that two-thirds of the British public (67%) admit they feel uncomfortable talking to disabled people and feel awkward about seeming patronising or saying the wrong thing. Enable Me’s targeted training aims to address this by raising the confidence of members of staff by removing any barriers that exist as a result of lack of experience, understanding and knowledge.

Chris adds, “In addition to focusing on staff awareness, we aim to help businesses that may be customer facing, or that interact with the public and will inevitably encounter people with a disability. Our interactive programme aims to reinforce good practise in language and behaviour, removing any barriers that may exist, providing increased equality, choice and independence for disabled people.”

The Enable Me workplace disability awareness programme can be booked now and will be delivered in a business’s working environment. For further details on the programme, and how to book, email: chris@enablemeproject.org.uk


Photo of Queen's carriage

Jonty’s Blog: Celebrating HM The Queen at the 90th Birthday Celebrations

It finally came, it didn’t bode well as it was Friday the 13th. It was a bright, sky blue, hot day so we set the post code to Windsor castle and away we went. We made extremely good time getting there and entered Windsor which was fully emblazoned with red, white and blue bunting, many union jacks ,people hustling and bustling about all in all, extremely busy. We weren’t sure where to park but the Sat Nav took us straight to the King George 7th parking. We searched out a disabled bay very near to the entrance.


We entered the grounds and were very early but it was busy at 3pm on a warm afternoon, we only left home at about 1.30pm, leaving early so as to make a day of it. It was very warm as we wandered around the many stalls and had we worn scuffed riding boots and wax jackets we would have blended in very well. As we walked around it was strange to see all elements of the British forces wandering around and we turned one corner and coming towards us was a group of Arabic Lancers and around the next corner was a mass of Swiss guards. Not being the horsey type the array of saddles and tack didn’t appeal to me. You could buy jewellery made of horsehair and various clothes all branded for the Windsor Horse Show.


We decided to visit the Waitrose on site lounge and enjoyed the complimentary treats. There was a selection of treats available including decorated cupcakes and champagne. The goodie bags were given to us and we were delighted to find Waitrose organic products like strawberry jam, shortbread biscuits and lovely English tea. The seating was very relaxing and the tables had beautiful flower arrangements. The staff and waitrons were very attentive and made us feel most welcome.


Virtually opposite the Waitrose Hospitality Suite, our seats were in the stand, front row, mind you.
We were directly opposite the main stage and had a bird’s eye view of all the proceedings. It’s fair to say whoever said ‘So much pomp, occasion and circumstance. Only the British!’ How wonderfully true.


I think I mentioned before, I was not a horsey person but now can see how after being around these beautiful creatures people become totally horsiefied! I could go on a lot about the show but I could never put into mere words how utterly fantastic it was, which I hope you will see for yourself from the ITV coverage. One cannot explain how utterly jaw dropping the show was and how much the members put into it, horse or otherwise.


It finally came to an end and us and 4000 other guests made our way to the carpark. At one point we seemed to be in the queue for no particular reason other than it seemed like the British thing to do. We got back to the van and set the Sat Nav for home and once again sat, this time in a car queue for no particular reason. When I realised that what would have made the day absolutely perfect was if I had taken a nice warm coat with me and not been seduced by the weather earlier. Finally we made our way out of the car park and on our way home. We got in still buoyant from the days events. The show had finished at about 10.45 pm and we stepped over the threshold at 1.30 am. It seemed that on the way back the Sat Nav took us the scenic route!


A truly memorable experience, a huge thank you to Waitrose Rustington for selecting Enable Me as charity of choice for this event and making this possible!


Activity Blog: Penny’s Thoughts from the University of Chichester Inclusion Day

The University of Chichester & Enable Me ‘Inclusion day’ was held on the 11th May and was a great success. Me (Penny), Lizzie and Chris were coaching wheelchair hockey, boccia and new age kurling for the school kids (from 3 different local mainstream and special schools) along with helping the University of Chichester coaching students feel comfortable and ready to lead their own inclusive sports sessions.


The kids were put into 3 groups and taken to their first sport of the day. I was coaching boccia which is a great sport which enables a mixed ability group to play alongside each other on an equal level playing field. The first session zoomed by and the next group came along. It was fun varying the game up by giving the kids different challenges and things to think about whilst they played. The last session I handed over the reins to 2 of the University students that were shadowing me. They did a fantastic job of getting stuck in and not being phased by the mixed group of ages and abilities.


After lunch, some of the school students had to leave but we had a fantastic last session with the remaining kids where we did some wheelchair relays/obstacle races. The kids were given many different tasks to simulate what it might be like if they couldn’t reach something on the floor so they had to use a grabber to pick a ball up, throw a ball with their eyes closed and think about spatial awareness whilst they were pushing the wheelchairs through cones. Of course, it ended up that the teachers needed a go along with the university students. The kids loved encouraging their teachers and it definitely drew out the competitive side of all the adults.


A great day for everyone at the University of Chichester, we hope to see you all again soon.


Penny Clapcott

Enable Me team at Felpham

Volunteer Blog: Amanda at Bishop Tuffnell Primary

The Enable Me Team recently visited Bishop Tufnell Primary School in Felpham, near Littlehampton. As usual, it was a busy day with nine back to back sessions.

I was either reading disability stories to the very young children or discussing “Hidden Disabilities” with the older ones. Having asked the children to draw a picture of a disabled person, I found that there were some very budding artists in my classes. I was joined on the day by Lizzie and Alex who were doing wheelchair relays and Penny who was showing the children how to play Boccia! Jan had bought her guide Dog “Harry” who was a great hit with the children whilst they learnt all about the life of a person who is blind. Alex was also with us as our  Mini Bus driver and helping hand if we needed one.

I always enjoy working with children, capturing their thoughts and hearing what they have to say! Some things they do come out with are so funny it’s hard not to laugh, especially when the teacher who is at the back is giggling! The day went really well and the children were very well behaved and the staff very accommodating.

Amanda Heath


Worthing Musical Comedy Choir

Enable Me Volunteers on UK Talk Radio

Don’t miss Enable Me’s ambassadors, our Volunteers along with Executive Chairman Chris Jay on UK Talk Radio (talkradio.org) TOMORROW Friday 11th March where they talk to Geoff Carter about their work and experiences with the Charity.

The broadcast is taking place live at Gt Ballard School in Chichester.

You can find out a little more here and you can tune in to UK Talk Radio for the live broadcast.

Follow Talk Radio on twitter @uktalkradioshow

Image – An early rehearsal for “Inside’ (I’m Walking On Clouds) with Rick Benbow and members from the Worthing Musical Comedy Choir


In Partnership With – The Local Pet Shop

The Local Pet Shop is an independently owned pet shop in the vibrant village of Rustington, West Sussex.  Established in 2013 we are passionate about pets and offer the very best products for all their needs. We offer a wide range of natural and raw foods, brands such as Orijen, Simpsons, Akela, Nutriment and Natures menu. The Local Pet Shop, offering supermarket convenience with local shop service! Our prices are competitive and we offer a 10% discount card and we have free parking at the front of the store, we are also open 7 days a week, we will deliver your purchases free of charge to anywhere within a 10 mile radius of the store and you can rely on good old- fashioned customer service and advice.

I have had pets throughout my life, so I know how important they are to us all. After University I went to work in the Pet trade eventually becoming a store manager. After several years of working for others & gaining valuable experience, I have now finally achieved my ambition of owning & running my own pet shop. I hold various professional qualifications including a professional certificate in aquatic management, qualifications from OATA in fish biology, fish health, water quality and filtration. I have a City and Guilds in Pet shop management and Pet care from the Pet Care Trust. I am a licensed SQP which means I can sell certain veterinary products without the need to visit a Vet. We can also sell prescription foods from Royal canin and Hills such as gastro-intestinal, satiety, renal to name just a few, if you can find these products cheaper in any pet shop or vets practice we will match that price.

1 Sea Lane, Rustington,
West Sussex,
BN16 2RD


Mon-Sat 9-6:30
Sunday 10-4

Tel: 01903 782362






MICROPHONE 1025x630 IMG_7740

EM Podcast number 2! Nigel Wright with Sue Pegrum

Introducing Enable Me’s second Podcast hosted by our intrepid interviewer Nigel Wright.

Nigel spoke to Enable Me’s Office Manager Sue Pegrum to find out a little about what makes her tick!

Here’s your chance to take a peek in the back room and find out a little more about some of the people that make up the EM family, we’ll be speaking with volunteers, staff, and members of our wider community who are involved, whether as supporters, users, or influencers whose input helps us to do what we do!

Raising Disability Awareness

Web PENNY 20160210_100653

My First Day

My first day with Enable Me was at Hazelwick School on the 10th of February, delivering 8 sessions of wheelchair relays and basic wheelchair skills to year 8 students. Luckily Lizzie (who has delivered a few of these sessions with Enable Me) gave me some great tips and we set off very early in the morning to get to the school on time before the mad rush at the school gates began. Finding the car park after a few attempts and contemplating parking next to the head teacher’s parking space we eventually found the Enable Me bus and got settled in, chatting to the team and teachers at the school.

I was really looking forward to the day, although slighted daunted by the prospect that I would be working with 200 students. The first session started just before 9am and I had 4 sessions back to back in the morning before break. The students came in and were up for the challenge, each willing to participate.

Deciding how to progress and challenge the students was great fun, especially being able to show that using a wheelchair is not an end to sporting opportunities or being agile. Sure, it’s not easy to hold a hockey stick and still be able to self-propel a wheelchair, but it is more than possible. It was fun seeing the quiet students really thrive and do well at the wheelchair relays and seeing how each team gelled and encouraged each other. Over the 8 sessions everyone had a go, although there were a few students that were a little apprehensive about getting in the sports wheelchairs, but with the encouragement of myself and their peers they all got in a chair and gave it a go.

Each session was great and had really different dynamics within each class. The students were fantastic and I believe they really did learn a lot within just a small window of opportunity, to see what using a wheelchair allows you to do, including how you can still do sport and enjoy competition.