EM Podcast – numero UNO! Nigel Wright with Vicki Carter

Introducing Enable Me’s first Podcast hosted by our intrepid interviewer Nigel Wright.

Nigel spoke to Enable Me’s Volunteer Co-ordinator Vicki Carter about her role within EM.

Here’s your chance to take a peek in the back room and find out a little more about some of the people that make up the EM family, we’ll be speaking with volunteers, staff, and members of our wider community who are involved, whether as supporters, users, or influencers whose input helps us to do what we do!

Raising Disability Awareness



A question or two?? Forest School Horsham visit

Yet another early morning for the Enable Me team, and this time we are on our way to Forest School in Horsham to what we all hope will be an enjoyable day for all. I am giving my talk to a group of older children about my life and what it is like for me living with Cerebral Palsy, having visited the school on a number of occasions before I know that I will need to be able to answer what are very thoughtful questions. Read more

T EM10 Choir7956

Inside (I’m Walking on Clouds) – Celebrating Enable Me’s 10th Anniversary

In 2012 the then Enable Me CEO Nik Demetriades was struck with the idea of a song – a song to raise disability awareness. Having spent years in the sector and working with many inspirational and extraordinary individuals and families, the song was to celebrate the qualities, the strengths and aspirations of those living with the challenges of disabilities every day. Read more

Sue pegrum, Paul Harris Fellow

Sue Pegrum is made a Paul Harris Fellow

Littlehampton Rotary Club have made our own Sue Pegrum a Paul Harris Fellow!

Sue, having been involved with the Rotary Club for many years, was invited to speak about Enable Me (or so she thought) at a recent Rotary meeting where she was presented the prestigious Paul Harris Fellowship award ‘in appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance of better understanding and friendly relations among peoples of the world’ 

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Disability Sports Fun Day

I love the Southampton area, I really do, but the combination of that and Enable Me’s office being 55 miles away in Littlehampton can be frustrating at times, so imagine my delight when, for the first time ever, Enable Me was asked to run a community sports day not 10 minutes away from me in the lovely village of Otterbourne courtesy of our good friends at Fostering Solutions.

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Return to Abu Bakr Primary and Abu Bakr Girls

Reaching the end of May (and a holiday for me), I found myself thinking about my highlight of the month, and it had to be my trip back up to Birmingham to deliver school workshops (along with my long time colleague and friend Seb) to Abu Bakr Primary and Abu Bakr Girls Secondary schools.

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